• Added buttons!
  • Added floor plan pages to compare section
  • changed site theme and did some minor reformatting
  • small changes to the landing page


  • Configured DNS for domain mapping and sub-domain routing to "waffles.uccshousing.com" (lol I'm leaving it that way for now)
  • Apartment pages redesigned to be more useful
    • routes added and maps removed
    • community maps added replacing maps
    • important info more readily recognizable at top of page
    • floor plan info added from floor plan pages
    • Facebook feeds added
  • Floor plan pages removed and info added to apartment pages
  • Compare page turned into compare section, pages added
    • original compare page becomes compare costs
    • routes can now be compared
    • deals added - copy paste of the updates page
  • Changelog added and backdated with older changes and additions


  • Fixed some calculation errors


  • 11 West property added
  • Compare page updated with new charts and 11 West data
  • Water and Electric pages usage pie chart added
  • Added some FAQ answers


  • link added directly to navigation (bill calculator)


  • favicon (icon next to words in the tab) added
  • FAQ added


  • Site created
    • updates page shows facebook & twitter feeds
    • Where should I live? section has pages for all popular apartments in the area
    • compare page compares costs of apartment competitors
    • utilities section with electric & water & cost tables
  • Domain leased and forwarded to site
  • still new to being a webmaster and pretty proud of myself :)